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Doctor Database for the Palm Pilot & Desktop
Introducing the incredible Doctor Database. Finally, a Palm Pilot and Desktop utility that you can use. Imagine having a complete list of all health care professionals on your Palm Pilot or on your desktop. With the Doctor Database Palm Pilot and desktop version you have the following features:
  • You have a complete listing of all doctors in your region. Information includes the name of the doctor, clinic name, address (including city, postal code), doctor’s specialty and specialty code, referring practitioner number, phone numbers, fax, email addresses.
  • You can search for a doctor using their last name, specialty, city, postal code range or any combination of the searches.
  • You can flag your favorite doctors for quick lookup and search for just your favorites.
  • You can edit the doctor database, add phone numbers for mobile, home, pagers or email addresses.
  • You can add new doctors to your database.
The desktop version also includes the following features:
  • You can print mailing labels for any one doctor or print labels for an entire range of doctors. For example, you might have 100 doctors that are flagged as your favorites. You can display just these 100 favorites and have mailing labels printed for all of them. Sending out holiday greetings has never been easier.
  • You can create export files for any one doctor or for an entire range of doctors. You can export complete information or just mailing information. Use these export files to create any type of label or mail merge using MS-Word ™
  • You can copy complete doctor information or just mailing information to the Windows clipboard and then use the paste function to copy this information into other Windows applications
  • You can instantly launch your email application by simply clicking of the email address of any doctors (hyperlink functionality)
  • You can create an appointment note for your patients. Select the date, time and reason and then print this appointment information for the patient. It includes the name, address, phone of the specialist they are being booked for as well as the date and time of the appointment.

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