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Max-Gold: (includes; Eye-Max, Hear-Max, Bill Max, Medi-Max, X-Max and Multi-Max)

1. How do I print a submission after it has been generated?
  • On the main Screen, go to your Reports Menu Item.
  • In the list that drops down, left click on MHSC Billing option.
  • Select the Submitted File Exchange option.
  • In the next screen you will see a list of your submissions listed in the order in which they where created.
  • Locate the file you would like to print, look at the creation date to isolate which is the one, or the batch number if you know it.
  • Select the file with a left click, and left click on the Print button.
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2. How do I create a submission to send my billings to Health Care?
  • On the main Screen, go to your Billing Menu Item.
  • In the list that drops down, highlight the MHSC option.
  • Left click on the Billing Submission option.
  • On the screen that follows, you will see the option to Submit, already selected for you.
  • You will also notice the option to Generate Report already checked off. This option allows the submission report to be created after you create the Submission file.
  • To create the file that you transfer to your Provincial Health Care Institution, add a check mark in the Create Exchange File (ASCII) option.
  • Click on the Submit button to create the file, or Cancel to abort the process.
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3. My computer is locked up, what do I do?

If the computer is completely locked and your mouse and keyboard are not responding, it is likely that your Windows operating system has frozen. You will have to reboot your computer by either:
  • using the CTRL-ALT-DEL key combination on the keyboard
  • manually restarting the computer
When Windows crashes, your computer may perform a scan disk operation when it starts up to ensure that there won't be problems with the hard drive. Once Windows has restarted, there are a couple of things that you need to do when you go back into your program:
  • If you are on a network, make sure that that only one person is actually in the program.
  • Go to the Utilities and select the menu item Reset Network Flags. The program will tell you when this is done.
  • Then go back to Utilities and select Re-Index Data Base. Once the re-index is completed you can begin using the program again.
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DC-Max: The Complete Chiropractic Office Management System

1. What will happen if I download the Remittance file from MB Health more than once?

Nothing, as long as you do not run function Billing -> MHSC -> Remittance Advice Report and run the upload more than once.  You can print the report as often as you like but do NOT run the Upload more than once.

If you did run the Upload more than once, you have a bit of a problem, as all the patients will be showing double payments.  This can be fixed by:
  • Going to the Ledger and doing a negative payment for each patient that was doubled up, ensuring that your transaction date is the same date as your upload.
  • Send the data to us and we can fix it for a minimal fee.
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2. How do I enter a Credit for a patient?

If you do not want to affect your revenues, just enter a payment for the patient in the ledger screen.
If you want to credit the revenues for a certain patient, then you would enter a negative invoice.
In both cases you will want to ensure that your dates are correct.

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3. How do I do a resubmission to MHSC?

This is done in SimPC. You will do a submission as usually, just ensure that the extension that you want to send is entered in the extension field in SimPC.

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4. I get a "File not found error" when trying to submit in SimPC.

You will want to check the following before calling support:
  1. To ensure that the file was created go to function Reports -> MHSC Billing -> Submitted File Exchange and then accept.  This will bring up a list of exchange files.  The latest files are at the bottom of the list.  Look for the date that it was created and the extension that you are trying to submit.  That is, if you are looking for the file with the extension b04, then you will look for the file extension b04.  If the file does not exist just create it again.
  2. If the file is found you will then want to ensure that the exchange file is in the correct directory.
    1. Go to function Files -> Configuration where you set-up the Transmission directory and the Returns directory.  It is very important that both SimPC and DC-Max are looking at the same directory.  Ensure that SimPC is looking in this directory.
    2. If the directories are different you will want to try find the file by going to the Find function off the Start menu in Windows.  Go to Start -> Find -> Files or Folders.  At Named enter filename you are looking for (ie  *.b04).  Also ensure that you look in  My Computer.
    3. If found copy that file into the transmission directory as found in Files -> Configuration.
  3. If the file is not found, the file was not actually created.
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5. How do I do a download form MHSC?

Part One:  Downloading Remittance file from MHSC
  1. Start up Simpc and login into Simpc Services.
  2. Go to the Data Transfer Utility screen.
  3. At top of the screen press D ( the command for Download) and press tab.
  4. Press tab again until the cursor is on the line named Ext
  5. Type Rem.
  6. Press enter. The file transfer should now start, with the number of bytes transferred and time remaining displaying on the screen.
  7. Once the Remittance file has been downloaded, exit Simpc Services and return to your desktop.

Part Two:  Reconciling the Remittance file with the billing claims in DC-Max

  1. Open DC-Max. Click on Billing->MHSC->Remittance Advice Report.
  2. A window will appear with the title Remittance Advice Report Generator.
  3. Click on the option upload, so that both the Report and Upload options have check marks beside them.
  4. Click on the Method you wish order report by. Example if you click on Name the report will be organized Alphabetically.
  5. Click Accept to transfer the information from the MHSC remittance file into DC-Max. Once this is completed Press enter when prompted, and return to the Main Menu in DC-Max.
  6. The Next few steps require EXCLUSIVE USE OF MEDIMAX. Only one person can be logged into DC-Max during the following proceedures. Failure to do so will result the possibility of Corrupted Data.
  7. Click on Billing->MHSC->Billing Reconciliation. A list of all the users will appear with the total payments listed for each individual user.
  8. Highlight a user, then click on the red icon that looks like a book (reconciliation). You will be prompted with several yes/no questions.
  9. Do you wish to print a discrepancy short list? will be the first question. This is a reduced list of the claims in the remittance file that were either underpaid, failed, rejected, overpaid or are pending.
  10. Do you wish to Post all Returns. Always answer yes to this question. This function updates all the patients receivables with the information from the remittance file.
  11. Do you wish to print a posting update report? Say no to this as it is a list of Claim numbers with the PHIN numbers for patients that had claims in the remittance report.
  12. Repeat steps O. to S. for each user. Once all users have been reconciled, you may allow everyone to login to DC-Max again.
  13. To view the Outstanding and Pending claims that were returned by MHSC do the following.
  14. Click on Billing->MHSC->Billing Entry->Outstandings/Resubmissions. This table lists all claims that were contained in the remittance file and were underpaid, failed, rejected, overpaid and pending.
  15. Note. If a claim was submitted to MHSC, but no remittance file was returned for that claim, the claim will not appear in the Outstanding/Resubmissions table but in the Adjustments/Editing table.
  16. To resubmit a Claim from the Outstanding/Resubmissions table, highlight the claim and edit it. Change tariffs, or add the necessary remarks. Save these changes.
  17. On the Outstanding/Resubmissions table, while the edited claim is highlighted click on the Alt-R icon. This will mark the claim for resubmission and move the claims to the Resubmissions table.
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6. I got a "Program error Invalid Path" error while in DC-Max?

The most common reason for this is that the network connection was lost.
  • Reboot your computer and log on properly. Ensure that you have the correct drive letters by going to My Computer on your desktop.
  • Try and run the program again.
  • Ensure that no one else is in DC-Max and run function Utilities -> Re-index database -> All Tables (Recommended).
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7. What does Global Age function under Utilities do?

It ages all of the ledger transactions for every patient.
It will not delete anything. If any problems do occur it is as a result of data that is already corrupted. Contact us immediately to get your data looked at.

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8. My patient count is out.

  1. You will start by doing the following
    1. Go to Files -> Configuration where you define the fee code with a category number > (greater than) or =(equal to)  the number specified.
    2. Ensure that the categories for your fees found in the Files->Fee Tables are correct.  By editing the fee and checking the code.  Any number > or = to the number that was defined in Files -> Configuration will be counted in the Patient count.  Make any corrections to the codes as needed.
  2. Ensure that you are printing your Reception reports using the Service Date not Transaction Date.
  3. Use the Scheduler as it was designed to track patients and patient counts where the Reception screen is designed as a Ledger.
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9. How do I write-off an amount in my Reception Screen?

  1. Highlight the transaction you want to write-off and left-click on the W/R key.  Choose either Write-off or Reject then OK.
  2. I get a "Record Status Submitted" message.
  3. Highlight the record and Left-click the MS (Mark Insurance item as Submitted) key.
  4. You will want to click OK when asked if you want to un-submit the transactions. 
  5. Then redo step 1) above.
  6. The record has already been partially paid   In this case only the amount of the transaction that has not been paid will be written-off or rejected.
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