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Office Mate for Windows (Additional Screen Shots)


Office Mate offers multiple search options including last name, first name, clinic name, specialty, city and postal code range. Any combination of these options can also be used (ie; specialty and city). You can also search for your selected favorite contacts.


Office Mate allows you to create appointment notes for patients being booked to specialists on referral. You can export provider information to text file for use in mail merge or label merge functions with your favorite word processor or create instant letters using the built in Office Mate word processor. Print labels for individual providers or multiple providers with ease.


Create mailing labels for one or multiple providers. For example, create mailing labels for all of your designated favorite contacts at Christmas in seconds. Prints on laser printer or dot matrix (Panasonic 24 pin and Okidata ML320/321)


Create instant appointment notes for patients that you book to specialists on referral.


Create your own letters and documents. Built in mail merge functionality to send letters to you favorite contacts or to selected groups of providers (ie; by specialty, by city, etc). Some uses can include letters to all GP’s in your region advising them that you’ve opened a new clinic.


Office Mate includes a handy user customized phone directory. Create your own categories and enter you contacts. We even have a convenient import feature built in, or we can import data on specification (at additional cost).


Office Mate includes the complete Health Canada drug database and offers regular updates to the file on line for registered users with annual support.


Built- in ICD code search engine. Find ICD codes using description searches.


Office Mate offers built in Calendar Diary, Calculator, Memo and Reminder Notes and Digital Clock.




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