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Offshore Custom Programming References

Development of core part of web portal for Application Service Provider in Banking Area

Project includes adaptation of portal engine to match project requirements by extending portlet engine, by providing extensive security system with detailed access management system.
  • Technologies used: Java, JMS, EJB, Servlets, Apache Jetspeed, LDAP, DHTML, CSS
  • Platforms: Oracle, BEA Web Logic
  • Development tools: JBuilder, IDEA

Creation of e-commerce site
(analogue to

Large e-commerce platform that allows visitors both to sell and purchase various types of items.
  • Technologies used: ASP, SQL, DHTML, CSS
  • Platforms: MS IIS, MS SQL Server 2000
  • Development tools: MS Visual InterDev

Development of performance analysis application for gathering information from Network Processor real-time simulator

Real-time and delayed retrieval of performance information from real-time Simulator. Visualization of acquired information with extensive sets of charts, including both numeric graphs and signal transition diagrams. Further customization of charts by allowing users to enter formulas based on set of input signals that produce aggregated performance indicators to be used for analysis. Easily extendable interface, plugin support. Reporting, exporting and importing of analysis information.
  • Technologies used: Java, Sockets, Swing
  • Platforms: Win32, Linux, Sun Solaris
  • Development tools: JBuilder

Creation of community module (java and html chat client and server, instant messenger, message boards, etc)

Pluggable solution for extending large-scale web solutions with community services: Chats, Message boards, Automated FAQ, Forums, Instant Messenger
  • Technologies used: HTML, DHTML, Java, Servlets, JSP, Sockets, Delphi
  • Platforms: Win32, Linux, Informix
  • Development tools: JBuilder, Delphi

Development of backend engine for Telecommunication operator

Creation of solution that includes billing, invoicing, call data record processing and reporting services.
  • Technologies used: Versant ODBMS, C++, COM+, VB
  • Platforms: Win32
  • Development tools: Visual C++

Development of grammar and interpreter of C-like Pattern Generation Language, development of Classification Language compiler

Pattern Generation Language allows generation of arbitrary data structures (IP packets, Ethernet frames, VLAN, etc) and parsing of binary data back to the structure fields for future analysis.

Classification language allows compiling routing information described in the text file to the binary representation according to Reverse Flow Classification algorithm with extensions.
  • Technologies used: Java, JavaCC, JTB, ANTLR, C++
  • Platforms: Win32, Linux
  • Development tools: JBuilder, Visual C++

Development of three-tier repository system

System was intended to meet two main goals:
  • Allow easy creation of customized solutions without the need of coding (by tuning pre-created universal templates for repository handling)
  • Provide integration with other storage applications (unified approach to work with different data storages)
Thin client, that is accessible via MS Internet Explorer and implemented as ASP and ASPX solution. Data exchange between application server and client was implemented with SOAP, XML and XSL. Business logic layer (application server) was developed in VC++ and C#. Data storage layer was based on MS SQL Server and Oracle 8i, 9i.
Extensive usage of object oriented approach in designing of all system parts. Database structures were modelled in Power Designer.
All development is based on Rational Unified Process technology with modelling in UML.
  • Technologies used: Rational Unified Process, WIN 32, OLE Automation, DCOM, ActiveX, ODBC, ADO .net, SOAP, .Net Framework
  • Platforms: Win32
  • Development tools: Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .NET; Sybase Power Designer, XMLSpy, Rational Rose, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Oracle 8i, 9i

Participation in developing of ERP project - the commercial document-oriented ERP system for middle-scale business focused on multidimensional analytical accounting

Project was implemented with strong OO approach, and is Microsoft BackOffice compatible solution. The system has interfaces with Optima Workflow, OLAP, Excel and Crystal Reports.

System includes Inventory, Purchase and Sale Control, Fixed Asserts, Manufacturing, Payroll and HRM, Bookkeeping and Tax Accounting, Cash Transactions, Contract Control, Debtor/Creditor Control, Budget Control and Financial Analyses. Our participation was in development of several system components and in providing the necessary support services. In particular, we have taken a part in developing of following subsystems in Virtuoso ERP system: Supply Chain Management (SCM), Manufacture Resource Planning (MRP II), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Capital Management (HCM).
  • Technologies used: Rational Unified process (including using Rational Rose, Rational Test Factory, Rational Test Manager, Rational Robot, Rational RequisitePro, Rational SoDA), WIN 32, OLE Automation, COM, ActiveX, ODBC, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
  • Platforms: Win32
  • Development tools: Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0, 6.0; Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, 6.0, VBScript, VBA, SQL, XML, UML, Excel VBA

Developing of virtual serial port driver

Serial port driver redirecting all serial traffic of selected port via LAN to the remote device that emulates serial port activity on remote side, thus effectively allowing communicating with remote serial devices by using LAN.
  • Technologies used: 98 DDK, Win2000 DDK, Numega Driver Studio, MFC
  • Platforms: Win98 / Win2000
  • Development tools: Visual C++, Numega Driver Studio (SoftIce, BoundsChecker Driver edition, TrueTime driver edition, TrueCoverage driver edition, VToolsD), Nullsoft Installation System.

Creation of intranet web site for large consulting company

Based on our own content management system named “Site Revolver”, we have developed the internal web site to support various offices all over Europe and various sectors of business of the company’s area of expertise. The site contains news, information, links storages, Human Resource Management area, global and local search capability detailed by each sector or location as well as by whole site.
Powerful web-based administration module provides extensive tools for adding and maintaining the whole site content, control caching, checking links site wide and many additional features as well.
  • Technologies used: DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML XSL
  • Platforms: Win32, Linux, FreeBSD
  • Development tools: MySQL, PHP, Apache web server, XML Spy, Sybase Power Designer

Creation of Linux device driver for NI6052 card

Driver implements access to all key functions of card to simplify porting of Windows-based solution to Linux. Driver is implemented as kernel mode driver and client library.
  • Platforms: Linux
  • Development tools: GCC

Creation of Archive-Audit system for providing electronic document archiving to mid-size auditing companies

System provides a possibility to put documents into archive, to retrieve document previews and original DOC and XLS files, support of multiple clients at a time, strict access control system, full-text extraction and indexing of MS Word and MS Excel documents, fast searches and flexible navigation by document meta-data.
System is implemented as 3-Tier architecture involving MS SQL Server as data backend, Application server module written in C++ for dispatching client requests and Client application for working with system written in Borland Delphi.
  • Technologies used: MS SQL, ADO, DCOM, ATL, C++
  • Platforms: Win32
  • Development tools: Visual C++, Borland Delphi, XML Spy, Sybase Power Designer

Creation of Trouble Ticket processing system for regional representative of Western Union

System provides trouble ticket handling, extensive search capabilities, reporting and integration with mainframe databases. Solution is implemented in 2-Tier architecture involving MS SQL Server as data backend and Client application for working with system written in C#
  • Technologies used: MS SQL, ADO, C#
  • Platforms: Win32
  • Development tools: Visual Studio .NET, Sybase Power Designer

Creation of adapters for importing large amounts of unformatted data into the MS SQL and Oracle databases

The process implements ETL approach (Extract, Transformation and Loading) and provides support for handling of large amounts of data, strict validation to match business rules defined for adapter and extensive logging.
  • Technologies used: SQL, Bulk copy, DTS
  • Platforms: MS SQL Server, Oracle

Software and web-site localization services

We provide engineering services for localization automating as well as custom services for making client’s software and web-sites ready for localization. This includes fully automated steps:
  • All aspects of data extraction from various file formats including texts, images, rich media files
  • Preparing translation package for translators
  • Integration of results of translation into the united translation database
  • Automatic translating of localizable content and semi-automatic for file types that require manual operation (images)
  • Solution to accelerate work of QA staff by automating routine tasks and flexible visual comparing of original and translated content for validation
  • Technologies used: C++
  • Platforms: Windows
  • Development tools: Visual Studio .NET

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