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Revolutionize how you manage your prescriptions. Eliminate time consuming paperwork. Here’s some questions:
  • Do you spend hours each day hand writing prescriptions?
  • Does it take several minutes to review patients’ active medications?
  • Do your patients wait over an hour past their appointment time?
  • Are your patients, especially seniors, being forced to wait as their prescriptions are filled at the pharmacy?
  • Do you think that there is a better way to practice medicine?
The PalmRx Prescription System for Palm Pilot is here. This is possibly the best Palm Pilot prescription system available today and is clinically proven in the field to save up to one hour a day or more, depending on your patient load.

With the PalmRX Prescription System, you have the following features:
  • Complete patient database
  • Complete list of medications
  • Keeps all active medications for each patient on file including name of drug, strength, units, route, dose, quantity and SIG notes
  • Print prescriptions on standard 8.5” by 11” letter size paper or on Rx Pad paper size
  • Fax prescriptions direct for pick up or delivery
  • Keeps all prescription history
The PalmRX Prescription System:
  • Saves up to one hour or more daily (based on your patient load)
  • Renewals take a few seconds to produce
  • Complete prescription history is available on line
  • Reduced prescription errors due to misinterpreted hand writing
  • Reduced callbacks from pharmacists checking on illegible hand written prescriptions

The PalmRX Prescription System can be used stand alone. And we can work with your vendor to have our prescription system work with your current package. Does your vendor have a prescription system in place that saves time and money for you and your patients? If not, call us today.
To Order A copy of PalmRX Prescription System, call today at 204-786-1460 ext 210
or order via

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Ph: (204) 786-1460 (ext 210)
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