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Max-Gold: Automatic Claim Remarks

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MAX-GOLD: Automatic claim remarks

In Max-Gold there are a two ways that you can make your life easier if you are required to submit remarks on your claims. We call this feature AUTOMATIC REMARKS. Essentially you can save the text to remarks that are used repetitively on claims. One method works best if you have multiple doctors in your clinic, each with their own unique remarks. The second method works well if the clinic has a single practitioner, or, in a multiple practitioner clinic where the remarks would be the same.

The first method can be utilized in the remarks section on your billing form.

STEP 1: Go to your health care billing form:

STEP 2: Click on remarks:

Once you are in the remarks section you will notice that there is a lookup box in the lower right hand corner of the remarks form. You can enter and save various remarks that you want to re-use on a regular basis. Remarks would have a 2 character code (eg; A1, 77, etc) and a description of up to 62 characters. Once you have saved a number of remarks, all that you need to do to use them the next time is to either enter the code in the small entry field next to the lookup box and hit enter. If you have forgotten the code you can use the lookup to to select it and then hit enter.

The second method that you can use automatic remarks can be utilized by going into your fee table and edit the fee's that you want remarks to be assigned to.


STEP 2: Select the billing code you want to assign a claim remark to and click on EDIT

Near the bottom of the screen you will notice a field called CLAIM REMARKS. Simply type in the remarks that you want and click on SAVE. The next time you use this billing code, the program will automatically insert the remark for you.

NOTE: If you are having any problems with using automatic remarks, please contact the support at Max Systems Inc. (204-786-1460) for assistance at your earliest convenience.



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