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Max Systems Inc. ("MSI") On-Line Scheduling System:

Welcome to the MSI On-Line Scheduling System. Our system is designed to allow health care professionals from all disciplines to offer on line scheduling as an option to fellow practitioners and patients alike. There are monthly charges for this service. Monthly rates vary depending on the options you choose to use. Please check our on-line scheduling system price list.

Future options will become available for additional charges as well as the system develops. Monthly charges can be paid either via pre-authorized bank debits or via pre-authorized credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD accepted). Please review your options carefully. If at any time you have questions or require assistance, you can contact our support department at 204-786-1460 (extension 1 for support) or simply email us at or

With the MSI On-Line Scheduling System you can create your own on line appointments calendar with several options. For example you can restrict what days and times on appointments can be booked for your clinic. You can restrict how soon (or adversely how far into the future) appointments can be booked on line at your clinic. You can restrict who can book on line appointments on your scheduler. For example, if you are a medical specialist you might want to allow only general practitioners to book on line appointments. Or, you might want to allow bookings by your patients. You can restrict which patients are allowed to book on line and even limit how many future appointments a single patient can book. You will have a booking password that other health care professionals and/or patients will need to access your scheduler.

You can also register as a health care professional to book appointments on line to specialists that have on line scheduling set up. This provides an efficient means to book on line appointments for your patients to specialists.

Before you can either set up your own on line scheduling system or begin to use on line scheduling you will first need to sign up.

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