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Program Updates, Billing Code Updates, Referring Doctors Updates

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Max Systems Updates

Get updates for your Max Systems software products here. Ensure that you download the update for your province. Downloading an update for another province can result in severe problems with your existing data. Remember before you update your program re-index and back-up your data.

Please note that we have incorporated Eye-Max, X-Max, Bill-Max and Medi-Max into one product now called MaxGold7. This is our cross Canada platform and we ask that anyone who is updating their software call our office first at 204-786-1460 ext 1. Thank you.

The files are self-extracting. To begin the download just click on the below. If you are downloading an update for the first time, please contact our support department @ 786-1460 ext. 1 for assistance.

DC-Max: The Complete Chiropractic Office Management System
Province Version # Update File Manual Install Help
Manitoba 7.52.3 -
Alberta 7.45.3 -
Ontario 7.50.6 - -

Directions: Download Latest Update. Close DC-Max7. Double Click on Downloaded file. Click on unzip. Click OK.

NOTE To MB DC-Max Users: Version 7.35.9 and higher contains both the fix to the duplicate patient issue and the MPI Alignment issue.

If you have duplicate patients please call and make an appointment to have the duplicate patients fixed. Thank You Support.

Max-Gold7: The Complete Office Management System
Region Version # Update File Manual Text Control Update Help
Global 7.232.1 -

Warning: If you are using the Prescription system in MaxGold Version 7, you must call and make an appointment with support before you attempt to update your program.

TO THE MAX-GOLD9 SYSTEM. Contacy support at Max Systems Inc. if you would
like to upgrade to Max-Gold9.

Max-Gold9: The Complete Office Management System
Region Version # Update File MaxGold9 Install Text Control Update Help
Global 9.337.1 -

Max-Gold Utilities
Version Update File
Max-Gold9 Utilities
Max-Gold7 Utilities

Max-Gold Manuals and Screen Shots
Manual Section Manual File Screen Shots
U.S. Scheduler and Setup
Scheduling Manual
Weekly View
Monthly View
Find Appointment Function
Appointment Reasons
Block Time Function
Patient Set Up Manual
Healthcare Billing
Private Billing
Purchase Orders/Receiving
Defaults and Configuration
MaxGold Maintenance
Various Functions

Billing Code and Referring Doctor Updates
Province Effective Date Billing Code MAX-GOLD9 Billing Code MAX-GOLD7 Effective Date Referring Doctor MAX-GOLD9
Manitoba DEC, 2011 APRIL, 2012
Alberta - - - -
BC - - - -
Ontario - - - - -
Saskatchewan April, 2012 October, 2011 -

Province Effective Date Surgical Assist Fees MAX-GOLD9 Surgical Assist Fees MAX-GOLD7
Manitoba DECEMBER, 2008
Alberta - - - -
BC - - - -
Ontario - - - -
Saskatchewan - - - -


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